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I have worked with Ashlie Enright of Precision Concreting on a large custom residence in Buderim. With a footprint of almost 1000m2 under roof, many aspects of the build were on a commercial scale. I have found Ashlie and his team to be highly competent, reliable, and attentive. They have delivered the project on time, at high quality and on budget. Ashlie and his team have done all manner of civil works on site, including: Footings, bulk earth works, working of RL heights, compaction, steel fixing and project management. I have enjoyed working with them and would highly recommend them for future residential and commercial projects.


I'm a building inspector (ex-Builder) of over thirty years and have had excellent dealings with Ashlie, he is very trustworthy and completes everything he does to the highest standard and has instilled this and his work ethic in the guys he has working for him. He is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with when there is something out of the ordinary and never seems to get too rattled. If I was still building, he is the type of guy I would employ because he is not afraid to get stuck in nor ask if he is unsure; skills you can teach but you need to have someone with the can do attitude and that is Ashlie.

I'm sure that whatever Ashlie does in life it's awarded 100% effort and he has the attitude to do whatever he does to the highest level.

As an inspector, I deal with all the construction companies on the coast and Ashlie would be in my top three, and I have never had any issue with any of his work.


We have had the fortunate experience of working with Ashlie in a professional capacity through our operations as a structural engineering firm for several years. During this time, Ashlie has proven himself to be a highly competent, knowledgeable and professional individual. We have found he is highly adept in interpreting engineering designs and documentation.

Ashlie performs quality work, is professional and schedule minded and has demonstrated an understanding and appreciation of the building and engineering process and these are reflected in the quality of his workmanship.

We would have no hesitation in recommending his abilities and services to others and we look forward to our continued working relationship.


We have worked closely with Ashlie and his team for the past 5 years. As a development company we continue to use Ashlie and Precision Concreting Qld because we can hand him a set of plans and he hands us back a completed project to the highest level. He also coordinates other trades, does all the required quantities/ordering, liaises with suppliers and clients as he is needed.


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